Core Values & Philosophy

  1. Innovation and Creativity are the main cornerstones of our company
  2. Uniqueness in portfolio building
  3. Quality is the core part of our preparations
  4. Customers and consumers are our primary concern
  5. Ethical Behavior and credibility are the main fundamentals
  6. Leadership in running the business internally and externally
  7. Professionalism in performance at all levels
  • Biovinci, Core Interest
  • We Employ the utmost technology & innovation in our Research & Development
  • The raw material selection from Quality European sources
  • Manufacturing technique
  • Strong, stable & safe Formulas
  • Unique & attractive packaging
  • Top Quality control & Quality assurance of our finished product

So that we deliver to our beloved customers & consumers top quality trustworthy products that are reliable, efficient, stylish & convenient

We select our Raw materials from the leading reputable quality European suppliers, Raw materials of a high degree of innovation like:

  • Nano LPD (Liposome Delivery System) encapsulated actives as (Caffeine, Multi-Vitamins, Lightening complexes, …etc.)
  • Poly-Peptide Complexes & Hydrolyzed Proteins
  • Hyaluronic Acids
  • Top Quality Refined Butters (Shea & Cocoa)
  • Quality Refined Therapeutic oils (Argan, Pine, …etc.)
  • Total Pharmaceutical Extracts (Ginseng, Apple Seed, ..etc)
  • Therapeutic bases (Aculyn Siltouch, Regen Plus, ..etc.)